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“Brandessence” was founded in 2009, by professionals with 15 years of experience in Cosmetics industry, in the Turkish and International markets. Brandessence is the “Scent Expert” , taking its power from fragrances and essences. It is the first professional expertise company in Turkey , operating on "Ambient Scenting" and "Scent Marketing" . Its core operations are scenting of large scaled areas , elimination of malodor , and the use of essences and perfumes in marketing and communication .


The company's main vision is to “Make the world smell better” .

To “Improve the quality of living spaces” and to provide “A signature scent for each and every brand” are its other visionary targets. Within today's visual message bombardment, it aims to demonstrate the true power of the sense of Smell and to offer brands an opportunity to differentiate.


It also targets to become the leader in its area, in the Middle East, Russia and Eastern European regions.


Brandessence, have strategic partnerships with world-leading companies in this field, and focuses its operations on technology , health and hygiene . Brandessence have close business relations with the world's largest fine fragrance houses.